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Job Finder

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Job Finder keeps you abreast of the latest job offers from major job sites by bringing all the job offers to your iPhone / iPod Touch.

If you feel that there should be a better way to capture jobs from multiple job sites than to visit them all one by one and note the jobs that you are interested in, Job Finder is the right tool for you. If you feel that there should be a better way to capture the jobs around your location, Job Finder is the best option for you.

Simply specify the domains / locations that you are interested in and let My Jobs capture the offers based on your preferences. Job Finder remembers your preferences and uses them whenever you use the application. This saves your precious time and lets you to spend it on the task at hand. You can change your preferences any time as needed.

The application uses RSS to gather information from the job sources. You can navigate through the job offers from each job website and visit the source website. The application also lists the listing time of the job offer wherever available.

Job Finder currently captures information from the following sources.
* StarTribune.coms Jobs,
* ChicagoTribune.coms Jobs,

Job Finder organizes jobs into 73 categories, including Accounting, Advetising, Government / Military, Insurance, IT, Law Enforcement / Security, Transport / Logistics, etc. Location specific job offer retrieval is supported for 83 major locations in USA.

Grab the application and dont miss any good job offer.


* Job Finder is not responsible for quality and availability of the job offers displayed in the application. Though we work our best to give you proper results, the quality and availability are purely dependent on the job sites.

* Job Finder requires internet connectivity.

* Job Finder captures the job offers specific to USA only. We are working on extending the source base to include other countries as well. Please stay tuned.